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Translation and legalization of documents

Original documents issued in Armenia and legalized with Apostile will be recognized in Italy.

Armenia has joined to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, abolishing the need to legalise foreign public documents another formality has taken its place: affixation of an apostille. This seal (Apostille) is an international method of authentication, which makes a foreign document valid in Italy.

It means that a person is not required to ask the Embassy to legalise an original document, but can request that legalisation from the domestic Authority designated by each country, and indicated for each country in the act of adhesion to the Convention, (in Armenia it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Justice, it depends on the type of  document to be legalized), to have an apostille placed on the original document, whereby it is recognized as legal in Italy.

All documents submitted must be translated into Italian by an official translator. Also the translation must be legalized with the Apostille.

This procedure replace the authentication of translation through the Embassy as Armenia ratified the Hague Convention.

Documents legalized with Apostille have full validity in Italy.


For your convenience, following is a list of professionals and their contact information:

Kristine Narinyan
Tel: +374 77 473838 or +374 91 473838

Hayk Hovhannisyan
Tel: +374 91 574357