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Italian National Day – 2 June 2020

Address of the Ambassador of Italy in Armenia on the occasion of the celebrations for the National Day of the Italian Republic

(Yerevan, 2 June 2020)

The occasion of the National Day of the Italian Republic offers me the welcome opportunity to send a warm address to the Authorities of the Republic of Armenia, to the distinguished colleagues of the Diplomatic Corps, to our fellow Nationals who are currently here, either as residents or not, and to the friendly Armenian people.

On this day we celebrate the 74° Anniversary of the Italian Republic. We celebrate the referendum which allowed Italy to become a Republic, and to adopt the current Constitution, which to this day represents the extraordinary foundation of our civic life, through a number of principles and values in which we all can identify.

A Charter that still maintains all its vitality, one that grants form and vigour to the idea of Fatherland, one that provides the regulatory framework of our political, civil and social liberties.

The current circumstances oblige us to not host the traditional well-attended the reception which in the previous years I had the pleasure to offer. Nevertheless, I can attest to Your closeness and Your friendship. Such feelings are renewed on this special day, but I have constantly felt them since the beginning of my tenure here in Yerevan. To my fellow Nationals I assure that the Fatherland is closer to them than ever, and that physical and geographical distance from yours, as well as ours, loved ones, does not prevent us from feeling as a part of a greater whole.

I also wish to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to the Armenian Authorities for the exceptional intensity of our bilateral relations in the last year, at the highest level and in virtually all fields. It is also true that the deep ties that bring our Countries and Peoples together are strengthened by our shared history, and by our common yearning for freedom and democracy, though through different paths and times. Our relations also benefit from the contributions of both of our communities, the Italians resident in Armenia and the Armenians resident in Italy. Today the relations between Armenia and Italy can also draw on the dynamism of the relations between the European Union and Armenia.

I wish to thank the Armenian Authorities and citizens for the many messages of solidarity that were addressed to Italy and presented to me at the peak of the pandemic. Allow me as well to express my sincere closeness to Armenia for the painful health crisis it is experiencing. The Armenians have been faced with enormous threats and challenges throughout their history. This one will be overcome as well, thanks to the abnegation of the healthcare personnel, to the resilience of the citizenship, and to the greatest commitment of the national Authorities, together with the cooperation of other international actors, starting with the European Union.

Where words fail, music speaks. In memory of the victims of coronavirus, I propose we now watch together, clicking on the link , the concert performed by the orchestra of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, conducted by Daniele Gatti, with an extraordinary program, including Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach and Puccini. The concert is preceded by a message of the President of the Italian Republic.

I also wish to express my gratitude to the Principal Conductor of the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, Sergey Smbatyan, for the virtual concert in honour of Italy that will be broadcast tomorrow, and will also be shared on our social media and Youtube. The famous notes composed by Nicola Piovani for “La Vita E’ Bella” will be performed by artists of clear renown: the orchestra director Gianluca Marcianò, the bandoneonist Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, the violinist Anna Tifu and the pianists Gloria Campaner, Roberto Cominati and Costanza Principe.

Such beautiful harmonies, touching our deepest chords, can remind us of how Art and Beauty represent the essence of our being in this world as Italians.

I now virtually raise my glass to Italy, to Armenia, to each and every one of our fellow nationals who reside here, to Yours and Our personal wellbeing.

Viva l’Italia!

Vincenzo Del Monaco