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Required documents for new A.I.R.E. registration

You must upload the following DOCUMENTS for yourself and for all other members of the same family unit residing at the same address (even if they are not Italian citizens)

1) Registration form. The Fast-It portal generates the registration form after you have logged all your data and information. it must be printed, filled in and signed, then uploaded.

2) Identity document. Identity documents must be uploded in the same file:

– Italian passport (and passports for each person in the same family unit, even if foreign citizens). In case the AIRE registration is only for minors (i.e. children living in single-parent households when the parent is foreign citizen), please upload the child’s passport as well as both parents’ passports. If you do not have an Italian passport, please upload a copy of your foreign passport and a proof of Italian citizenship.

3) Valid proof of legal status in Armenia such as:

– Armenian permit of stay

– utility bill (electricity, gas, phone, internet, bank or TV). Please upload only the page with your name and address;

– bank statement (only the page with your name and address);

– copy of your rental agreement;

– copy of your job contract.