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Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes. The Office operates by appointment only. Please, check the website for further information


2. How long will it take to get my visa?

15 days, depending on the applicant's nationality. Since this matter is regulated by law, the visa officers cannot intervene in the process. The applicants are therefore kindly requested not to pressure or try to negotiate the date of issuance of the visa. 

Be aware that there is no fast track process available for an additional cost.

Due to the overload of visa applications, the Embassy advises applicants to apply at least 8 weeks ahead of their scheduled trip to avoid disappointments.

Note, however, that applications cannot be processed earlier than 180 days before the planned departure date.


3. Once I get my visa, am I guaranteed entry into the country?

A visa does not guarantee entry into the country. Further checks by Immigration Officers at the borders may lead to a refusal. Travelers are advised to carry copies of documents submitted with their visa application and to provide them to the Immigration Officers if requested.

 In some cases, such checks may result in a refusal for the visa holder to enter the Schengen State or the Schengen area


4. I have my own business and therefore cannot bring an employment letter. What documents should I submit?

You should provide your business registration, your latest tax return and a recent company bank statement to complete your application.


6. Can I extend my visa if I decide to postpone my trip?

Applicants, who decide to cancel their trips, are kindly requested to apply for new Schengen Visa.
Please, be aware that the period of validity and/or the duration of stay on an issued or processed visa cannot be extended.


7. What happens if I don't use my Italian Schengen visa?

If you do not use a visa by the time it needs to be used, it becomes void. So if you still meet all conditions for being granted a visa, you will be able to reapply for another one at a later date. Please, be informed  that your future applications will not be compromised if you don't use your Schengen visa.


 8. What can I do if my Schengen Visa has been refused?

The decision to refuse a Schengen visa and the reasons for the refusal are notified to the applicant using a standard form. The decision to refuse the visa includes the reasons on which the refusal was based, and the procedures and deadlines for submitting an appeal. Appeals must be logded at the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (T.A.R. del Lazio based in Rome), through an Italian lawyer.

 Appeals must be submitted through an Italian lawyer to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (T.A.R. del Lazio) based in Rome.


 9. How do I contact the Embassy for information regarding Visa?

By email:


10. Do I have to translate my all documents in English?

 yes, All documents must be completed/translated into English (including bank statments)