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If you would like to travel to Italy, depending on your citizenship, the duration and purpose of your stay, a visa may be required before departure.

Do you need a visa? To find out whether you need to apply for a visa click here Visas to enter Italy

General information on the issuing of visas for short and long stay:

1.  The Italian Embassy in Armenia is competent for issuing entry visas for short stay (type C) to Italy and Malta, as well as long-stay visa (type D) to Italy.

2.  The applicant may submit an application at the TLS Contact Visa Centre, by registering online at , or directly at the Embassy, by calling +374 60 54 00 29.

In the first case, the applicant will be required to pay an additional fee of 20 Euro (AMD 11.000) as consideration for the service provided by the TSL, to be paid directly to the external service provider in cash and in local currency (Armenian dram).

3.  The visa application must be made not earlier than three months from the date of departure and is usually examined within ten calendar days.

4.  The visa application must be submitted in person. if the applicant is a minor or an invalid, they should be accompanied by their legal representative. It is prohibited the presentation of a visa application through intermediaries of any kind (travel agencies or other).

5. Each applicant must complete and submit a single application form and two photographs.

6.  Please note that the application form is free of charge and can be picked up at TLS Contact, or downloaded from the website of the Embassy click here

7.  The short stay visa application processing fee to Italy and Malta  for Armenian citizens is 35 euros (AMD 18.950), payable in cash and in local currency (Armenian dram) upon submission of the application for a visa at the TSLcontact or at this Embassy.

8. The refusal of an entry visa does not in any way entitle the reimbursement of paid fees.

9.  The sole possession of a visa does not give an automatic right of entry to its owner into the Schengen Zone, the travelers could be asked to demonstrate at the border that they meet all the conditions for entry



According to the art. 331 of the Italian Penal Code, be informed that presentation of false documentation will be reported to the Judicial Authority in Italy.


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