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PRE-ENROLMENT 2022-2023 - pre-enrolment and visa documents


PRE-ENROLMENT 2022-2023  -  pre-enrolment and visa documents

Visa applicants have to contact TLS VISA CENTER in order to schedule an appointment and submit visa applications.



 REMINDER: the Italian Embassy in Yerevan has outsourced the reception of all  types of Visa applications to TLS VISA CENTER.




foto universita

Application form for National Visa (more than 90 days)
Pre-enrolment procedure 2022-2023
Dichiarazione di valore

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International students are requested to submitt their visa application to TLS

The request of "dichiarazione di valore" has to be submitted to TLS

Students have to contact by phone the TLS VISA CENTER (tel. nr. 055 909449) in order to schedule an appointment and submit Student Visa applications.



  1. UNIVERSITY (Three-year degree and Laurea Magistrale degree)

       a) UNIVERSITY - Three-year degree (Laurea)  and Master of Science degree (Laurea Magistrale)

The application for access to Laurea and Laurea Magistrale degree courses for international students applying for visas and residing abroad, must take place through a prior university pre-enrollment procedure, which precedes the subsequent enrolment phases.

 In order to start the university pre-enrolment procedures, the universities will instruct candidates to their study courses to access the UNIVERSITALY portal  to fill in the relative on line  “pre-enrolment application”.

Please, note that due the COVID-19 emergency, Italian University, if deemed, can embrace distance learning.



Procedures in English for entry, enrolment and residency of International students


Within the UNIVERSITALY portal there will be all the information for the completion of pre-enrolment applications, aimed at facilitating the access of candidates to university courses and related institutions. The subsequent pre-enrolment phases will be completed at the TLS Visa Center for the purpose of obtaining the relevant visa and submit the request for "dichiarazione di valore"




      b) ERASMUS

  • application form (for Schengen Visa up to 90 days or for National Visa more than 90 days). For application form click here
  • recent passport-style photo
  • passport plus photocopy of the relevant pages Passport and photocopy of all pages with pertinent information i.e. photo, name, date of birth, visas etc. The passport will be kept and returned with the visa, if approved;
  • ticket or flight reservation (round trip)
  • letter of acceptance from the University in Italy regarding the Erasmus program (two copies)
  • Letter from the home University (two copies). The letter must contain any kind of information regarding the study course that you are following in Armenia (e.i.: your name and last name, enrolment date, type of course, expected graduation date etc.) and it must mention the Erasmus program that you are going to follow in Italy;
  • proof of accommodation and insurance (both usually mentioned on the letter of acceptance);



  • Application form duly filled in and signed.
  • Recent passport-style photo;
  • Passport and a photocopy of relevant pages;
  • one way flight reservation or ticket (round trip for courses up to 90 days);
  • letter of acceptance from the host Institution/School in Italy, specifying the type of course, cost of course, number of weekly hours and dates;
  • Transcript of previous Italian studies in your Home Country;
  • Declaration of the availability in Italy of appropriate lodgings. In case the applicant will be staying with friends/family, a letter of invitation is required along with a copy of the host's ID ("Permit of stay" for non-European Union citizens);
  • Proof of financial means of support in Italy of no less than € 27.89 per day for each day of the duration of the study program.
  • Payment receipt (original + copy) of course and lodging.
  • Insurance for the first two weeks after the entrance to Italy.


PLEASE BE INFORMED AS FOLLOWSThis Visa Office has full authority to evaluate and request additional documentation, if deemed necessary, in addition to what is submitted. Furthermore, applicants are hereby informed that submitting all required documentation does not guarantee the issuance of any visa.