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Dichiarazioni di valore


Dichiarazioni di valore





1. The "Dichiarazione di Valore" confirms the value of the qualifications obtained in Armenia, with reference to the local educational system. It will be up to the relevant Italian institutions (Ministry of Education, Uffici Scolastici Provinciali, Universities, etc.) to subsequently declare if a foreign qualification has a similar Italian equivalent: this is called “equipollenza” (obtained in Italy). 

2. The Embassy of Italy in Yerevan may  issue "Dichiarazioni di Valore" (declarations of value) of Armenian qualifications issued by recognised educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities) or professional bodies located in the Armenia.

3. Candidates should present the enrolment request directly to the chosen higher education institution, according to the modality, terms and the requested documentation as established by each institutionStudents are obliged to produce the documentation that the institution deems necessary with a view to evaluating the foreign qualification, with reference to: eventual translations, legalisations, Diploma Supplements, exam certificates, ENIC-NARIC centre statements, Dichiarazioni di valore or other declarations that might serve to check the elements of the foreign qualification. For pre-enrolment procedure click here

4. “Declarations of Value” can be requested for different reasons, mainly including:

  • Recognition of academic and secondary school-level curricula in Italy;
  • Continuation of academic studies in Italy;
  • Professional recognition in Italy.

5. Those who need to have their Italian qualifications recognised in the Armenia need to contact NARIC

6. Translations have to be performed by certified translator, please click here

7. Students are requested to contact TLS in order to schedule an appointment and submit the required documents to obtain the "Dichiarazione di Valore".

List of documents to be submitted:

  1. passport plus one photocopy.
  2. application form.
  3. originals of the study certifications, professional and academic qualifications (eg. diploma, bachelor, master degree), legalized with Apostille.
  4. originals of the Official Transcripts, legalized with Apostille, with the information available on the course (detailing name, last name, date of birth, course’s duration, mode of attendance - full or part time -, number of Academic Credits awarded, admission requirements etc.).
  5. literal translation in Italian of the documents indicated at paragraph 3 and 4, legalized with Apostille. Translations in Italian must maintain grades as they appear in the original documents.
  6. Photocopy of documents indicated at paragraph 3 and 4 legalized with Apostille
  7. Simple photocopy of documents indicated at paragraph 3, 4 and 5
  8. in case the declaration of value is requested for study purposes, please provide letter of acceptance issued by university


application form - The application form must be completed in all its parts. If you fail to complete the form your application will automatically be rejected.

Consular Fees can be waived if the “Declaration of Value” is requested for study purposes. For any other purposes the cost is Euro 41.

Please note as follows:

  •  “Declaration of Value” can be requested for already-completed study cycles (eg. A-level, Bachelor, Master, etc.).
  •  Originals will be returned to the applicant.