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Study in Italy


Study in Italy



 For more information about pre-enrolment click here 


PLEASE BE INFORMED that pre-enrolment procedure does not guarantee any right to obtain a visa for study purposes and that it does not imply any right to the subsequent enrolment, which will only be finalised once all the consigned academic qualifications have been evaluated and the relative administrative steps have been finalised.


In order to start the university pre-enrolment procedures, the universities will instruct candidates to their study courses to access the UNIVERSITALY portal   in order to fill in the relative “pre-enrolment application” online.



  • STEP A  -  start filling in the application out the form
  • STEP B  -  complete the application with your passport's data and upload photocopy of it - write the Embassy which is competent for your place of residence - verify the required document for Student visa application click here "Visa for Italy"
  • STEP C  -  upload your academic certificates/diploma/bachelor legalized with Apostille and translated into Italian language (also translations have to be legalize with apostille).

 Please, be informed that in order to obtain the translation of your academic certificates you need to contact sworn translator (you do NOT need certify translation from this Embassy)


After the completition of the above three steps, Univerity will inform the student as follows:

  • Academic year start date
  • Accomodation if the student lives in the University halls of residence or lives in private accomodation
  • information about the tuition fees or if the student has received the benefits of any fellowship or if the student is exempt from payment of tuition fees


The institution will validate the pre-enrolment application by entering the relevant data on the UNIVERSITALY portal.

The university will indicate whether and for which documents authenticity has been verified, as well as indicating whether or not it is necessary for its own evaluation purposes for the relevant Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di Valore).

In order to obtain the "Dichiarazione di valore" students are requested to contact TLS VISA CENTER to schedule an appointment to submit the required documents for the issuance of the above said document. The "dichiarazione di valore"will be issued by this Embassy.

University is obliged to test the linguistic ability of students for access to courses in Italian language (usually on-line). Each institution must organise a test of proficiency in the Italian language, obligatory for all Laurea degree and Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico (single-cycle) degree courses, except for those cases which are exempted. For more information click here

At the end of the pre-enrolment procedure, the university will issue a Letter of eligibility for enrollment, drawn up according to Model D5. In this document (form D or letter) the university will record the candidate's personal data and information about the foreign qualification evaluated as suitable for subsequent enrolment, as well as any other pertinent elements for obtaining the visa, such as proficiency in the Italian language, participation in structured mobility programs and conditional acceptance of the application in cases of non-procurement of the final qualification.

The university must always indicate if the procedures of verification of the authenticity of the foreign qualification have been performed, thereby clearly providing such indication to this Embassy.

Please be informed that once an application has been deemed valid and the determination process is placed on the portal University, the same application is not modifiable anymore.

 The deadlines for the procedures relating to pre-enrolment procedure for Three-year degree and Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) courses, with the exception of those with admission quotas, are defined by each university and published on their respective websites



The subsequent pre-enrolment phases will be completed at the TLS Visa Center for the purpose of obtaining the relevant visa. In this regards Students have to contact TLS Visa Center to schedule an appointment in order to complete the pre-enrolment procedure and submit Student Visa Application.

Documents to be presented to TLS VISA CENTER in order to complete the pre-enrolment procedure.


Three-year degree courses and Laurea Magistrale (second cycle degree)

  1. original copy of final secondary education qualification, obtained after at least 12 scholastic study years, or a fully legal substitute certificate;8
  2. certificate declaring the pass grade of an eventual special academic competence exam eventually required for entry to University in the Country of origin;
  3. a summary of the pre-enrolment request as validated by the university.


Higher Education Institutions

  1. original copy (or certified copy) of final secondary education leaving qualification, obtained after at least 12 scholastic study years10, or a fully legal substitute certificate; the final qualification may be accompanied and at the discretion of each individual higher education institution by a declaration/statement released by the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre (CIMEA), by a declaration of official foreign institutions or by a Declaration of value (Dichiarazione di Valore)11;
  2. certificate declaring the pass grade of a special academic competence exam eventually required for entry to University in the Country of origin;
  3. the translation of the documents listed in points a) and b);
  4. any other documentation required by the university, also with reference to verifying the authenticity of the foreign qualification.12

Students interested in Laurea Magistrale degree courses (not single-cycle), must present to the Italian Mission in the Country of origin a summary of the request for pre-enrolment generated within the UNIVERSITALY portal.13